Off the Grid :: Fort Mason Center – SF, CA

If it’s a Friday night and you just can’t decide what or where to eat – you HAVE to visit Off the Grid at the Fort Mason Center. It is here every Friday from 5pm-10pm.



Off the Grid is an event where street food vendors aka food trucks come together to serve a community. This way, you can have not only one, or two, but many options on what you would like to eat. My favorite part – choosing a variety of small entrées from different vendors. If you’re a foodie like me, you would want to try everything and this is exactly where you can do that.

Happy Dumplings: Mushroom, pork belly, chicken and cilantro
Indian Street Food: Samosa

It’s a great way to reconnect with family and friends. Although it is a place of great food, don’t you think they didn’t have you cover on alcohol! They were a variety of beers, wine, mix drinks (virgin or not) and even sangria.

El Porteno: Empanadas & Churros


My favorite food truck has to be KoJa Kitchen. KoJa Kitchen started off from food trucks and now they have opened many restaurants all over the bay area due to high demands! This place always have a line from opening until closing and there is a reason why and is it worth it? Absolutely.

KoJa Kitchen: Bulgolgi Beef Koja & Kamikaze Fries

If you’re wondering if this is a kid friendly place, the answer is yes! There are plenty of room for kids to run around and my favorite part is to see them dance. There are live music playing and we all know kids dance like no one is watching. I’d also like to include that it’s dog friendly as well. Saw sooooo manyyy cute fluffy furry animals.


One last thing, the event is along the coast. I highly encourage to bring some sort of outerwear even though it seems warm outside; the SF breeze is no joke!

Off the grid is not only at the Fort Mason Center; there are plenty of other locations. Please check this link out and see where and when is the nearest event to you! Enjoy 🙂



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