Station 16

Just recently went back to Sacramento for a visit and my friend recommended this new spot that just opened :: Station 16.

First off – great location. I love 16th street, because it’s nothing but good vibes and good food around. Although it was a Friday night and the streets and neighboring restaurants were crowded, Station 16 was quite “dead”. My first thought: this place sucks or it’s really new.

I can now state that this place does not suck and it will be the new hot spot in a few weeks. The food and atmosphere here is absolutely amazing. I actually appreciate that it wasn’t busy at all yet, because I got to really enjoy the company I was with. Cause sometimes when a place is loud and crazy busy, you get so side-tracked with what’s going on at the other table than at your own table!

We even bumped into another group of friends across the restaurant and we were able to freely walk back and forth to each other, having a few drinks and taking shots… and I loved that. Loved that I didn’t feel like it was a hassle to walk across a busy place to say hi to friends or physically bump into people along the way. I’m sure next time when I visit this place – it will be swamped with a large crowd.

Now – let’s get to the food part. We ordered a lot… Lobster roll, shrimp roll, burger, galbi fries, tots, and calamari.

  • The lobster roll, in my eyes, were alright. Everyone around me seems to like it and I can’t blame them. It wasn’t bad, I definitely have had worst. But, I am currently living in San Francisco, and I have an extreme high standard for seafood.
  • The shrimps in the shrimp roll were good – the taste hit the spot and wasn’t overwhelming. Heck, I actually like the shrimp roll more than than lobster roll and I’m not even a big fan of shrimps.
  • Tater tots. Loaded tater tots. cheddar, spicy aioli, sour cream and bacon. Do I need to say more?
  • Calamari was good; nothing bad nor spectacular.
  • The burger. First thing I noticed was that they didn’t ask how my friend would like her burger. Two things come in mind when restaurants don’t ask: the beef is frozen and the burger will automatically be well done. To my surprise, it came out just the way I like it, medium-well. It was absolutely delicious. I thought it would be over-whelming since it was topped with bacon, onion ring and an egg.. but it was delicious. The beef was fresh and I loved that it was paired with a brioche bun.
  • My favorite food item – The galbi fries!! OMG.. so good! I actually did not like the fries  (cajun style fries I believe) the shrimp/lobster rolls came with, but the galbi fries hit the spot. It was topped with Korean beef, kimchi, a fried egg and spicy aioli. I’d come back for that again.

We didn’t get to try the iron seafood skillet, which I heard great things about and I love seafood skillet. I definitely would come back to try that and get the galbi fries again.

And for drinks, we had a few round of shots but also a two rounds of the fishbowls! Highly recommend the Purple Rain fishbowl.. good now, but you will feel it tomorrow 😉

Unfortunately, I knew I was going out for a long night of drinking so I didn’t take my camera along with me. Only took one photo off my iPhone; hope it does justice! Link here is their Yelp so you can check out others’ photos and review as well.

Photo Jul 26, 8 48 42 PM

Instagram| kbmeetsworld





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