I love Poke. The first time I fell in love with Poke was in Hawaii, and I never looked back. My colleague and I are always in debate on where to eat. I happened to find out Pokeworks is the “NEW AND HOT” restaurant according to Yelp. Indeed, we had to go try it out.

Photo Jan 07, 7 40 02 PM.jpg

First thing that stood out to me is that it’s a tiny, I mean tiny restaurant where there are absolutely no, I mean zero, seats. I believe that’s a Mountain View thing though, because there are plenty of small restaurants in one block, and outside these restaurants are open door seatings out in the front. This didn’t bother me, since Poke usually falls in the grab-n-go category anyways.

Second, this Poke restaurant was different from any other places I’ve been to. Usually, there is an huge window, lined up with food, where you get to select what kind of Poke you like and what toppings to add (imagine like Chipotle, but for Poke). Instead, they have a blown up menu on top. I was surprised, and asked the employee “So, how does this work? Do I just tell you want I want?” and she kindly said that I could do that or there are actually mini tablets on the side where you you can actually customize your own bowl through there. I went to the tablet, and halfway through the process – I got confused and went back to her to order.


I do appreciate that they have a “Signature Works”menu, where it’s already thought out for you. I, on the other hand, love to add all kind of goodies to my Poke so I decided to order my own customized bowl. The menu is very simple and straight forward, but I do wish I could physically see the items, only because I didn’t know what some of the items were such as Hijiki seaweed vs Ono seaweed.


Nonetheless, what I got – turned out absolutely delicious. If I recall, what I got is:
Poke Bowl – Ahi Tuna & Salmon mix, cucumber, diced mango, edamame, ogo seaweed,  ponzu fresh, seaweed salad, pickled ginger, crab salad, fried garlic, fried onion, and green onion.


I also saw a fridge full of drinks and the Hawaiian Sun drinks stood out to me immediately. I have never seen some of these flavors before! I got the Lychee flavor…SOOO GOOD. I need a case of that in my fridge right now!


As much as I enjoyed our food, I must say that I like Poke Bar better which is around the corner. I believe Poke Works has more topping choices, but Poke Bar has better flavor and I really do enjoy looking and choosing my own toppings. I’d definitely wouldn’t mind coming back to Poke Works though, but I highly recommend it on a good weather day because you would have to find seats outside. Oh, they also have stamp cards where I believe you buy 10, get one free. That’s always a bonus.


Instagram: kbmeetsworld || Youtube: kathysbang



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